7th Grade FACS

Course Description:  

This course helps students understand and cope with personal, family, and social challenges.  Emphasis is place on communication, decision-making skills, and building stable relationships with family and peers.  This course enables students to implement positive coping mechanisms and promotes understanding of self.  It addresses issues that impact teenagers: self-concepts, family & peer relationships, substance abuse, personal loss, nutrition & exercise, and life skills.  Emphasis is place on students taking personal responsibility for their lives.

Topics Covered





Human Development


Nutrition & Wellness


Kitchen Basics/Cookery



Class Introduction Assignment 1: Return signed Parent Take Home Sheet.

Class Rules & Guidelines

Class Website (What is FACS?)


FCCLA- Take the Lead!

Develop Leadership Qualities

You can be a leader!  You can use leadership skills at school, at home, on the job and in the community.  To begin the "Take the Lead" unit, think about leadership skills you want to strengthen.

1.  What is leadership?  Brainstorm in groups and compare answers.

2.  "How is leadership like this..." Game.  You will be given an object and have to relate it in some way to the concept of leadership.

4. Paper Tower Teamwork Activity, Add A Word

5.  "A Chorus of leaders" (page 21) - You will be creating your own song about leadership.  The instructions are:

-Using the tune of a familiar winter holiday song ("Jingle Bells," "Frosty the Snowman," "Winter Wonderland," "Deck the Halls," etc.) create a song about anything you learned about leadership.

-You will perform the song in class.

Each person must create and perform his or her own song, but you may recruit others to help you with the performance (back-up singers, musical accompaniment, etc.).

-If you feel you cannot possibly perform the song live, you may make a video or audio tape to play for the class.


Students will skim through the teen times magazine and view the "FCCLA Prezi"

Students will complete a matching game activity using the PowerPoint Handouts.

Students will play FCCLA Jeopardy.

Students will view a guest speaker presentation on the topic of FCCLA.

6.  How are you like an M&M?  Go to http://www.mms.com/us/becomeanmm/ and become an M&M!!!



R1.1  Select a Human Services Cluster and Pathway to explore career options. 

R2.1 Classify knowledge and skills associated with the Human Services Careers.

bulletIdentify and classify various careers that employ human services graduates. 
bulletInterview guest speakers from various fields related to human services.
bulletObserve careers in action through fields trips.
bulletResearch regional and virtual help wanted ad to list qualifications required.
bulletInterview a person in a career pathway and share learned skills using an online brainstorming program.
bulletCreate a public service announcements or other advertisement that markets the knowledge and skills associated with one of the career pathways.
Working on Working!- Explore work options, prepare for a career, or sharpen skills useful in business!

Work is a major part of life.  Make a wise career choice by exploring your options and learning the skills you need for career success.  To begin the "Working on Working" unit, think about what you need to know about careers and work.  Next, set a goal to work on a specific skill or to collect information you need.  


1.  WATCH CLIP FROM "THE BEE MOVIE" (Honey Field, One Job) at http://www.beemovie.com .  

Journal Topic: What are the different reasons that we choose the careers that we do?  How do you feel about having "one job" for the rest of your life?

3.  Career Charades!  

4.  Career Research Guessing Game - You will research a chosen career (don't let anyone know your career!) You will then play a Jeopardy type game using facts about your career until everyone guesses what career you have chosen!

5.  Work on communication skills.



R2.1 Summarize the effects of self-esteem and self-image within relationships.

1. Self-Awareness Activities

bulletPlay "Over the Mountain"
bullet"Blaze A Trail for Yourself"
bulletGOAL SETTING http://www.wingclips.com/movie-clips/surfs-up/the-ladies http://www.wingclips.com/movie-clips/surfs-up/what-is-a-winner http://www.wingclips.com/movie-clips/surfs-up/surf-scout
bulletCloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Real You http://www.wingclips.com/movie-clips/cloudy-with-a-chance-of-meatballs/real-you
bulletBasketball Activity


-Students will make a personal collage of themselves using magazine cutouts/pictures/etc. On the back they must write a paragraph of why their collage represent
s who they are and what they stand for.  SHARE WITH CLASS.  (Optional) They will be able to bring in pictures from home to finish their collages in the next class.  

Reading from Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, “Making Sarah Cry” Page 214

Journal & Discussion “What do you think the moral of this story is?”  

Junior High Clip: http://www.wingclips.com/movie-clips/diary-of-a-wimpy-kid/intellectual-wasteland
bulletShare personality traits and discuss their effects on self-esteem.
bulletIdentify positive traits of each classmate.
bulletRole-play friendship scenarios demonstrating the impact of external feedback on self-image. (BASKETBALL ACTIVITY)


Building a Better You! - Improve personal traits!


1. The Wright Family Fun! Activity in class.

2. Brainstorm ways to improve your personal traits.

3.  Each student will complete the Building a Better You! Project assignment.  This completed project won't be due for approximately 1 week, depending on amount of time put into chosen project.  This project assignment sheet can be found by clicking on the link at the right. 

bulletNote: If you are a member of FCCLA this project will qualify as part of completing your Power of One Unit in which you can receive District, State, and even National Recognition!


Individual Needs

R2.2 Explain individual needs within relationships.


bulletWrite a newspaper ad listing the qualities of a desirable friend.
bulletPrioritize individual needs and wants through a values auction.
bulletCreate a coat of arms to illustrate personal needs.
Personal Standards & Behaviors

R2.3 Interpret personal standards and behaviors within relationships.

bulletComplete SD MyLife Learning Styles Assessment.
bulletWrite a response to a relationship obstacle as an advice columnist using personal standards.
bulletCreate a bumper sticker to illustrate a personal standard.
bulletImplement a service project related to the STOP the Violence National FCCLA Program.



HD1.1 Classify the Human Services Cluster and Pathways to explore career options.

HD1.2 Classify knowledge and skills associated with the Human Services careers.

bulletClassify various careers that employ human services graduates.
bulletInterview guest speakers from various fields related to human services.
bulletObserve careers in action through field trips.
bulletResearch regional and virtual help wanted ads to list qualifications required.
bulletInterview a person in a career pathway and share learned skills using an online brainstorming program.
bulletCreate a public service announcement or other advertisement that markets the knowledge and skills associated with one of the career pathways.
Roles Within a Family

HD2.1 Compare the different roles within a family.




bulletStudents will create a "Family Tree".
bulletFamily Roles Lesson http://www.uen.org/Lessonplan/preview.cgi?LPid=5000
bulletChart roles on a graphic organizer.
bulletConduct walk about to identify different family roles.
bulletUse a vodcast to create an online family.
Family Structures

HD2.2 Explain the different types of family structures.

bulletIdentify family structure through current events.
bulletResearch family structure from other cultures.
Communication Skills in Families

HD2.3 Implement communication skills used in families.

bulletPractice good communication skills.
bulletWrite conversation scenarios to use in role play situations to model the differences of effective and ineffective communicaiton skills.
bulletView recording or interactions to identify verbal and nonverbal communication techniques.
Family Ties -                   Get along better with family members!

1.  Your family is very important.  There's always something you can do to make your family and home life better.  To begin the "family Ties" unit, think about things you can do to be a strong family member.  Next, set a goal for improvement.  

2. Complete the "Thinking About My Future" worksheet.

3.  Prepare a Family Communication Skit to present to the class.

4.  Organize a "Family Night" for your family that you will carry out.


1. Complete the "Family Tradition"Worksheets

2.  TLC Family Tradition Activity

3.  Family Flags

4.  Create a questionaire for family members (preferably the oldest member of your immediate family).


Social Issues on Families

HD2.4 Differentiate the impact of social issues on families.

bulletResearch and present a report on a social issue.
bulletCreate a poster using online technology to illustrate impact of social issues on families.
bulletWalk about to find solutions for identifies social issues.
bulletCreate a brochure of support resources for families.



NW1.1 Summarize a Career Cluster Pathway of interest for a career choice.

NW1.2 Classify knowledge and skills associated with the food industry.

Identify businesses hiring youth in related food industry careers.

List questions to ask a food industry employee about his/her career choice.

Summarize qualities of a good employee

Identify knowledge and skills found in the work environment with the food industry.


NW2.1 Infer food choice decisions which affect wellness

bulletExplain nutritional guidelines.
bulletSurvey classmates on the impact of vending, fast/convenience foods on their food choices.
Activity Levels

NW2.2 Recognize acitivity level and habits affect individual and family wellness.

bulletDetermine the amount and types of activities needed to expend calories consumed.
bulletDescribe how a lifestyle affects eating and wellness habits.
bulletPlan, execute, and record a fitness plan based on a healthy weight and daily physical activity appropriate for age group.
Dietary Guidelines

NW2.3 Apply dietary guidelines in menu planning.

bulletCompare healthy and unhealthy options from various menus and justify how they are healthy or unhealthy options.
bulletCreate a nutritious menu for a meal and explain why the meal is nutritious.

Food Safety

NW3.1 Explain common practices that promote sanitary food conditions.

NW3.2 Execute safe procedures in the food laboratory.

bulletList practices for maintaining a safe and sanitary environment where food is prepared and stored.
bulletCreate a public service announcement promoting safety and sanitation.
bulletDevelop an educational learning aid for safe and proper use of food laboratory equipment.
bulletDemonstrate correct procedures for upkeep of food laboratory equipment.
bulletImplement safe practices when preparing food items. 


1.  Take the food safety quizzes located  at the below websites:


2.  Complete the Safety & Sanitation Review worksheet in class.

3.  Make a commercial/infomercial/public service announcement with a partner or small group promoting kitchen safety to young children.  Use your worksheets, the internet, books, and the following websites to get ideas!  Be creative (Must include at least five facts).  Will be due next class time!  The presentation should be at LEAST two minutes long.  One idea would be to use the name of a famous actor or athlete to promote kitchen safety.  BE CREATIVE!!!


-fightbac.org: Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE) - Fight ...

-General Cooking Safety Tips for the Kitchen



Understanding Recipes & Measurements

1.  Complete the Measuring Review & Recipe Success worksheet.

2.  Complete the Understand Recipes Assignment sheet.  Use the internet or cookbooks in the classroom to find your recipe.


Food Science

Complete the Kitchen Equipment activity guide.

Complete the Microwave Techniques guide in class.

Time Management in Meal Preparation

In lab recipes:

1.  Strawberry Jam Kuchen

2.  Puffy Pancakes

3. Mini Apple Pie

4.  Garlic Biscuits/Mini Loaves of Bread

5.  Smiley Cookies

9-Weeks Test!!!!

Power of One Forms

 Top Healthy Chef Snack Competition!



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