Rationale Statement: Effective parenting is important in nurturing children to become healthy, caring, contributing citizens. Parenting involves meeting the basic physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of the child. These standards are designed to help students examine roles, responsibilities, influences, practices, and support related to the parenting process.

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12


Topics covered: Grading:
bulletPersonal, family, cultural and societal practices that impact parenting
bulletTechnology related to fertility and family planning
bulletAlternatives to biological parenthood
bulletBeginning the parenting process
bulletNurturing practices
bulletDiscipline practices
bulletCommunication strategies
bulletCommunity resources and services for families
bulletDaily Points (5 points a day) - 5%
bulletDaily Assignments - 25%
bulletBaby Think it Over - 25%
bulletGroup Projects - 25%
bulletJournals - 5%
bulletQuarter Test - 5%
bulletSemester Test - 10%



Note:  All blog journals will be completed at the class blog site at http://skills4parenting.blogspot.com

(You will need to create a google account if you do not have one yet.)

Introduction: What is Parenting? (Get a "Heads Up" on Parenting Skills)

BLOG JOURNAL #1 (What is Parenting?)


What is parenting?  Personal definition of parenting


Cool Parent Vs. Messed Up Parent


Famous parent internet scavenger hunt


MVP (Most Valuable Parent) Award Nomination


Parents are people

Indicator #1: Assess conditions that impact parenting

Personal, family, cultural, and societal practices that impact parenting

SP 1.1 Assess the impact of personal, family, cultural, and societal conditions on parenting practices.

BLOG JOURNAL #2 (Are You Ready for This?!)


Personal Readiness (Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial)
bulletParenting Readiness PowerPoint
bulletParenthood Readiness Quiz
bulletAssignment:  As a group create a bubble chart of the different personal readiness aspects at http://bubbl.us. Print and hand in.


bullet WingClip: Mother Wanted
bulletWhat kind of parent will you be?  Compare personal attitudes and opinions about parenting with the influences around you, such as, parents, grandparents, friends, and the media

BLOG JOURNAL #3 (What kind of parent will you be?)

bulletAssignment:  You are a parenting expert!  You think you have been there and done that and no one can match your parenting skills!  You are going to create your own top ten list of parenting tips.  At the bottom of the list you will cite your "sources."  NONE of which can be internet sources.  Once you have created your top ten you are to have it reviewed by someone who has been a parent for at least ten years.  They should comment and sign. 


bulletRead: Interesting Parenting Traditions from other Cultures
bulletAssignment: Research parenting practices (roles & responsibilities) in another culture and compare these practices to parenting practices in your own culture.  Write a news story highlighting parenting practices from another culture


bullet Wingclip: New Method of Parenting
bullet Wingclip: Wetting the Bed
bullet Wingclip: Invisible Cloak
bulletDiscuss, in small groups, scenarios on societal conditions that impact parenting practices (changing family sizes, lifestyle expectations, technology)
bulletWhat's on TV?!: Class Discussion: Discuss television shows that showcase different styles of parenting and family settings.

Are You Ready to Parent?

bullet Wingclip: Bundling Bags
bulletVideo: 16 & Pregnant
bullet BLOG JOURNAL #4 (You are pregnant.  Now what?)
bulletAssignment:  Research the consequences of teen pregnancy.  In Word prepare a pro and con list of having a baby as a teenager.  You should list at least 10 pros & cons.
bulletTeen Pregnancy PowerPoint

Alternatives to biological parenthood

SP 1.3 Evaluate implications of alternatives to biological parenthood.

Alternatives to biological parenthood

bulletResearch information and participate in panel discussion on alternatives to biological parenthood
bulletDEBATE TIME!!!!!!


BLOG JOURNAL #5 (Adoption)

bulletAdoption PowerPoint
bulletAdoption WebQuest
bulletWrite a summary of information from guest speaker on adoption

Technology related to fertility and family planning

SP 1.2 Analyze current and emerging technology on fertility and family planning to make informed decisions.

Reproductive Technology

bulletDevelop a fact sheet on one type of assisted reproductive technology (Surrogate parenting, in-vitro procedures, foster parenting, other alternatives to biological parenting)
bulletDebate, as a class, the present and future use of reproductive technology (unlimited use, complete abolishment, limited use)

Physical Intimacy During Dating

Students will:
bulletDescribe and discuss responsible sexual behavior.
bulletDescribe and long-term benefits of abstinence and fidelity.


Reproductive Vocabulary BLOG JOURNAL #7
bulletComplete the Reproductive Vocabulary.


bulletUse class discussion to explore the medical, societal, and ethical considerations that accompany a decision to employ current and/or emerging reproductive technology
bulletWrite a personal reflection on scenario related to genetic engineering and family planning (legal and ethical considerations)

Beginning the parenting process

SP 1.4 Analyze physical and emotional factors related to beginning the parenting process.

Prenatal development

bulletView and discuss video on prenatal development
bulletPrenatal Development PowerPoint & Notes


bulletCreate personal genetic family tree

Genetic disorder/conditions

bullet BLOG JOURNAL #8
bulletPrepare an oral presentation on a genetic disorder/condition (Group Project)
bulletCreate an informational brochure on the environmental effects on pregnancy and the unborn child


Indicator #2: Evaluate roles and responsibilities of parenting

Nurturing practices

SP 2.1 Select nurturing practices to promote growth and development of children

Baby Think it Over

bulletParticipate in “Baby Think it Over” care simulation
bulletNaming your baby!!!
bulletFind out what your name means!  http://www.kabalarian.com


bulletBaby Basics Video
bulletClothing for Baby "All Dressed Up" (p. 11)
bulletBaby Equipment "Baby Pictionary" (p. 12)
bulletBringing a Baby Home "Fragile - Handle with Care" (p. 14)
bulletNewborn's Needs "Egg Toss" (p. 16)
bulletAssignment:  Tub Tactics -  In groups of 3-4 students, pretend you are writing a television commercial about bathing a newborn.  Work in important facts about sponge baths, tub baths, shampoos, safety, etc.  Make your ad as appealing as possible.  As a group, present your commercial in front of the class.  Award a prize to the group with the best commercial, accuracy of information and presentation.  I will provide a tub, a baby and bathing items for each group to enhance the activity.  We will video tape and watch later in class.
bulletDiscuss and reflect on the importance of nurturing (bonding, post-partum depression)
bulletAssignment:  "Infant Attachment" Lesson 16 Internet Lesson.
bulletCreate a public service announcement or podcast on the importance of nurturing

Physical Care


Responsibilities for growth and development

bulletHealth and safety
bullet-Nutrition and wellness
bullet-Safe home environment
bullet-Legal Responsibilities

Discipline Practices

SP 2.2 Compare and contrast discipline practices on human growth and development

Parenting Styles

bulletUsing a Retro Comparison Diagram, compare different discipline styles.  
bulletAssess and summarize family and personal discipline styles
bulletCreate a single panel cartoon depicting parent-child interaction for a selected discipline style

Discipline Practices

bullet http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/01/14/how-permissive-are-your-parents/?emc=eta1
bulletDevelopmentally appropriate practices
bulletDiscipline vs. guidance
bulletCreate a video of appropriate and inappropriate discipline practices for a specific situation

Communication Strategies

SP 2.3 Select communication strategies that promote positive self-esteem in family members


bulletBrainstorm a list of things that family members do or say that poke holes in a person’s “self-esteem” bucket and a list of things that family members do or say that fill a person’s “self-esteem” bucket
bulletUsing a Venn Diagram, compare “I,” “you,” and “we” messages
bulletWrite a reflection on assessment and of personal communication style and relationship to future parenting
bulletWrite a movie script on parenting communication strategies (Write a movie script on positive, effective communication techniques that parents can use with their children, produce the movie.


Communication Strategies

bulletParent-child communication strategies
bulletCommunication between parents
bulletAbuse versus neglect
bulletTypes of abuse and/or neglect

Community resources and services for families

SP 2.4 Assess community resources and services available to families

Community resources and services panel

bulletSummarize information from panel of people representing community resources and services

Community resources and services

bulletDevelop handbook of local community resources and services available to families
bulletSelect appropriate resources and services for a given situation

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